DMBA102 MUJ Assignment Business Communication


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Q.No  Set – 1


Marks Total Marks
1. Enlist the steps of delivering a successful oral presentation. Explain. 10 10
2. Explain the various types of Non-Verbal Communication while giving examples as how you will use NV Communication when appearing for a job interview. 10 10
3. Imagine that you are the sales representative of your organization and you are asked to effectively demonstrate a newly launched product/service in front of a target audience. Explain the communication process while including the relevance of context and how the communication can go wrong even if a few elements are missed. 10 10
Q.No  Set – 2


Marks Total Marks
1.    What are different types of Reading? Explain. 5 x 2 10
2.       Illustrate the different components of a Resume. Create an innovative resume of your own using the components. 10 10
3.       What is the basic difference between Product Advertising and Corporate Advertising? Explain the different types of Corporate Advertising. 3 + 7 10

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